Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quest 12b: Podcasts

It's not my day.

Outlook tried to make me log in to my e-mail - after I was already logged in.

The photocopier turned itself off while making my copies and took ten minutes to warm up again.

And every podcast site I tried to open failed. The closest I got was an Orange County (FL) storytime via Podcast.net that would only play the first two seconds of the podcast, over and over.

I have listened to podcasts before, and think they are a great way to publicize events and storytimes by providing samples of what happens during a library event. As well as being available via podcast sites, there would need to be links from our website to this information.

Despite my experiences today, I have enjoyed this Tech Trek. Learning new things is how we grow throughout life - I have no wish to stagnate. Thanks to all who put this experience together.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quest 12a: YouTube

Free cookies with every book! I should have found something useful but I could not resist this video. Sesame Street hasn't been the same since I was a child!

This would be a terrific way to show patrons how to use the catalog or databases, or even give tours. Genealogists could get a tour of the South Carolina room, grantseekers could see a video on our Foundation Center. Connect everything up to our website, and patrons would be able to see all that we have!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Quest 11

Wow, the toolbar is really busy and some of the buttons blink while I'm typing which is a bit annoying.  It looks like Zoho has taken many of the functions that Word has on its drop-down menus and turned them into toolbar buttons.  I do enjoy free things though, so it's nice to know that this software is freely available anywhere.laughing


Hopefully, I can use this to back up some of the work I do in ILL, in case a catastrophe happens to our PC and CCPL's server.  I'll have to find out how much space we're allowed on Zoho or other sites.

The above statement was sent from Zoho Writer via their publishing tool - it was very easy to do! "Publish to Blog" opened a window allowing me to log in to my blog, then I clicked the publish button - and there it was!

No longer tied to Word or Excel!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Quest 10: Play

I played with The Generator blog yesterday. I found out my blues name is "Bourbon" Rosanna Hunter, and I created a pony for Josephine the pony queen. Percy (our cat) has expressed no interest in social networking, alas.

I also created an avatar at DoppleMe!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Quest 9: Wiki

Can I just say - wikis rock!

Wikis are great for things like pathfinders, when you want to include newer resources as they become available, but don't want to have to reprint new brochures if you're only making minor changes. Our Best of the Web resources and websites of the week would make a good wiki. It might also be useful for the staff intranet and calendar. Reference is already using one for programming ideas.

I have also created a college and career wiki to corral some of my favorite sites and sources under one heading. PBWiki is incredibly easy to use - if you can use Word, you can use PBWiki.

It would be nice to have our blogs and wikis connected to CCPL's website, so that patrons and staff can view them.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Quest 8: Social Networking

Maybe it's my natural reticence, but I find it difficult to want to put information about myself online. Sure, these are supposedly secure networks and someone is watching out for subscribers, but I wonder how much information is too much. Instantaneous friendships scare me!

My brother likes the fact that he can check his son's Facebook page and know in Georgia what's going on at Ohio State - and who his friends are.

Bebo's creators have a terrific sense of humor - their FAQ screen is very funny. If I weren't already on MySpace I might try a Bebo account.


This was fun, though, making another friend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quest 7: Flickr

Another Reflection
Another Reflection,
originally uploaded by ohad*.
I felt in the need of a little peace today, so I've been looking at landscapes of places far away on Flickr. Such a change from the piles of books and papers in my work area!

Below is the information posted about this image, in the spirit of attribution:

Another Reflection
Another reflection of the Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin.
More on my photoblog: ohadonline.com
Uploaded by ohad* on 4 Apr 06, 12.23PM PDT.